Roadtrip Songs for Your RV


Time on the road can be boring. Getting from one destination to another often means long days on the highway from sun up to sun down. However, over the years, travelers have come up with numerous ways to combat the boredom of driving or being a passenger on a gruelingly long journey. The following are some of the top road trip songs to help keep you going when you’re eager to get to your destination but feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Born to Run — Bruce Springsteen

Need a song that will make you feel proud to be a road warrior? This one is it. Play it loud, sing along and feel inspired to keep on driving.

Every Day Is a Winding Road — Sheryl Crow

It’s likely your entire family knows the words to this 1996 release. After a short sing-a-long, you’ll all feel a little better about the long road ahead.

Freebird — Lynyrd Skynyrd

The lyrics mention traveling, because there’s too many places to see. There are few things more inspiring than a classic rock and roll song to keep you motivated to continue adventuring.

Hotel California — The Eagles

If you’re headed southwest in your RV, few songs will excite you more than the dreamy classic Hotel California. The lyrics, “My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim… I had to stop for the night,” also let drivers know that stopping for a break or a good night’s sleep isn’t always a setback.

I Can’t Drive 55 — Sammy Hagar

The renowned American rocker Sammy Hagar once sang about his tendency to drive too fast. While going over the speed limit is not an option (or wise) in many RVs, the song will surely get you excited about reaching your destination.

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