Must-Have RV Accessories

RV Seniors with GPS

RVs may come equipped with plenty of standard amenities and features, but sometimes there are certain accessories that need to be bought after you purchase your RV. These are some of the accessories that are deemed more “must-have” rather than “nice to have.”

A Good GPS

A good GPS that you can mount on your dashboard or windshield is priceless for an RVer. Sure, smartphones may come with GPS apps, but we all know we have to refer to the GPS every now and then if it’s going to work and glancing at a smartphone in a car is already distracting enough. In a big RV, it’s even more dangerous. Why risk yourself, those around you, and your RV?

Safety concerns aside, a dedicated GPS is invaluable for navigating and is more detailed and user friendly than a mere smartphone app. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good unit before you take your RV out next time.

Portable Folding RV Hammock

This one is all about comfort, but what comfort it is! Let’s admit it: hammocks are great, but they can be an inconvenience to set up and an inconvenience to pack up. A portable folding RV hammock isn’t going to take up much space on your rig and it offers all the comfort and relaxation of a regular hammock without all the fuss. Simply take it to that nice shady spot or relaxing sunbathing patch of grass and pop it open. Voila! You just took a shortcut to a great afternoon nap.

WiFi Extender

Any RV traveler will tell you that RV parks may offer that free WiFi, but it’s more often than not less than premium. A WiFi extender for your RV helps to boost a weak or distant signal and make it more usable, which comes in handy if you like to use the internet to read the news or find something to watch at breakfast.

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