Visit the Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center


When you’re out in your RV this summer, you’ll likely pursue dozens of fun recreational sites, like parks, towns, and other attractions. But what if you just want to relax and refresh yourself? North Dakota has a unique destination in store for you: the Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center in Bismarck, North Dakota. Bismarck is also the home of Capital RV Center, so don’t forget to stop in and see us as well!

Renowned for its therapeutic properties, this style of spa is quickly gaining in popularity. The one in Bismarck may look like any old building from the outside, but inside is a whole other story. There’s a literal salt cave inside, a place to relax and rejuvenate. The cave is formed from pink Himalayan salt crystals that covers the entire space.

Spending just 45 minutes in one of the zero gravity chairs inside is the equivalent of spending 3 days sitting on the beach at seaside.

Salt therapy, otherwise known as halotherapy, is thought to be beneficial to anybody, from those with chronic allergies and asthma to those who simply wish to unwind and relieve stress. Yoga classes are also offered inside, adding more benefits than a standard yoga class.

You can even purchase items for your RV to take with you on the road so that you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy anywhere you go!

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