North Dakota’s Natural Oasis

While North Dakota’s terrain is by no means typical, it’s definitely got common elements that you can expect to see across the state. There’s a slice of North Dakota, however, that breaks the norm completely, a hidden oasis with a climate and foliage that are quite unlike anything else you’ll experience in the state.

Tucked within Icelandic State Park (near Cavalier), there’s a section named Gunlogson State Nature Preserve. Gunlogson is a marvel, its forests home to many native and rare plants and animal species. It’s a link to earlier climate conditions, a sort of time capsule that presents what some of the earliest settlers in North Dakota might have encountered. The climate is cool and humid, a condition that used to be more common before settling reduced this type of habitat.

Some of the rare species you can encounter include the piliated woodpecker, the western wood-pewee, the mourning warbler, and the finescale dace. Rare plants in the park are ladyfern, water arum, delicate sedge, small enchanter’s nightshade, showy lady’s slipper, bishop’s cap, and crested woodfern.

The park is a great place to explore, with many hiking trails that allow you to bird watch, view wildflowers, and keep an eye out for larger animals.

The Tongue River winds through the preserve, creating ponds and creeks along its course.

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