Medora, ND: Tiny Town, Big Heart


Sometimes the most memorable destinations are the smallest blips on your map. Medora, North Dakota, is one such case. It may not seem like much based on metrics alone: 100 something residents strong in one of the state’s most remote regions (in a state that most would already describe as remote in itself). But Medora has got a lot going on in it’s little pocket of North Dakota. So much is going on in Medora, in fact, that it’s actually one of the state’s top draws for tourists from all around the world. Just what is it about Medora that people seem to find so fascinating? Here’s why you should go check it out in your RV.

Founded in 1883 on the edge of what would come to be known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora packs a potent fusion of natural beauty and Old West charm.

Maltese Cross Cabin, Teddy Roosevelt’s home away from home.

Within the town itself, enjoy the quaint charm as you visit shops and restaurants along the main drag. There’s the Cowboy Hall of Fame to visit, which is home to dozens of informative exhibits that any Wild West lover will adore.

After you’re done exploring the town, head into the adjoining national park. If you’re fortunate, you’ll spot a herd of roaming bison as you enjoy the park’s natural splendor.

Back in town, don’t forget to catch a show at the outdoor theater, Medora Musical, which has the badlands serve as a natural backdrop to the action on stage. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of musical production, so don’t miss out.

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