Tips to Avoid RV Awning Damage


Most RVs have an awning, probably yours included. They’re greatly convenient, but you might not give your awning a second thought. Don’t take your RV’s awning for granted, however. Its functionality can be compromised if it never receives attention or maintenance. Keep your awning in good order so it can protect you come sun, rain, or whatever else the weather has in store for you on your RV travels.

Prevent Water from Pooling

One of the easiest things to prevent is water from pooling on your awning. All you have to do is remember to tip your awning a bit to allow water to run off onto the ground after a rain storm. Pooling water can cause wear and tear on your awning’s fabric which could eventually lead to failure. If bad weather is on the horizon and you don’t expect to use your awning while it happens, you may as well take the time to roll it up tight to prevent possible damage. If it does get wet, make sure it dries completely before you retract it to prevent the possibility of mildew.

Protect it from Wind

Wind is perhaps more dangerous than water to your awning. Strong winds can twist and break even a new sturdy awning, so be aware if there are high winds developing during the day and take steps to prevent damage to your awning by getting it retracted before they hit.

Other Tips

If you’re not using the awning, don’t have it extended. If you leave the campsite for a hike or when you simply go to bed, go ahead and retract it. You never know if the wind will pick up while you’re gone or asleep.

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