Staving Off Boredom in Your Dog


If you’re RVing with your dog, chances are he’s not bored. With all the new scents, the changing scenery, the new people (and other dogs!) he gets to meet… we’re sure an RV road trip is your dog’s definition of recreational just as much as it is yours.

However, maybe your pooch is getting a bit bored. Maybe you’ve been in one place for too long. If you need to give your dog a pick-me-up while on the road, consider one of these fun activities that are sure to dispel your dog’s doldrums.

Set Them Up on a Play Date!

Dogs love people, but they love other dogs even more. If it’s been awhile since your dog socialized with another canine, find a neighbor at your camp or RV park who also owns a pooch and see if they’d be okay with your dogs interacting. It’s important for dogs to get some time with others of their own kind, so be sure to mix in some meet ups as you travel.

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

Not only can you teach an old dog new tricks, they’ll love learning them! Teaching a dog a trick stimulates them mentally and helps to keep them sharp. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog and to reinforce your relationship. As a bonus, they also learn something with a practical purpose (sit, heel, stay) or that’s just for fun (roll over, beg, play dead).

Purchase Interactive Dog Toys

Of course, as much as your dog loves interacting with strangers or with you, sometimes even a dog needs some alone time. For this purpose, consider purchasing an interactive dog toy. There are tons of them on the market and they provide feedback and/or a challenge that will keep your dog busy and happy, especially when you need them distracted.

Visit Capital RV Center

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