Exploring Jamestown

buffalo outside of Jamestown, ND

Jamestown, North Dakota, is the perfect base of operations as you explore the heart of the North Dakota prairie. With a rich history, stellar outdoor recreation opportunities, and plenty of small town charm, Jamestown is sure to delight you and your family and friends.

If you’re traveling in an RV, you’ll probably be on the lookout for some outdoor fun. Local campgrounds and RV parks offer you full hook-ups. After you set your RV up at your site, Jamestown offers plenty of recreational opportunities.

You can hit the hiking and biking trails in the area, from an easy one mile paved walk around a lake to a challenging eight mile trail.

The area is home to numerous lakes, the most notable of which include Jamestown Reservoir, Pipestem Dam & Lake, Spiritwood Lake, and nearly twenty more lakes. Most have swimming spots (Jamestown Reservoir has two good public beaches), weather permitting, and are also good for fishing and boating. There are also several indoor and outdoor pools for public use.

There are two 18-hole golf courses, two disc golf courses, and a number of public parks with various attractions and amenities.

If you’re into nature watching, there are three wildlife refuges in the region, which notably serve as home for herds of American Bison. These are Arrowwood, Chase Lake, and Halfway Lake National Wildlife Refuges. Those more interested in birdwatching can catch over 300 species of birds. Chase Lake has one of the largest white pelican nesting colonies in North America, while Arrowwood is a breeding ground for migratory birds.

There’s also the National Buffalo Museum, which documents and exhibits the history of bison from prehistoric times to the present. They even take care of a herd of bison, which includes a rare white buffalo.

Jamestown further pays homage to the bison with the World’s Largest Buffalo Monument. The enormous buffalo statue, called Dakota Thunder, looms over visitors. The monument is part of the larger Frontier Village attraction, which is a small street of relocated historic buildings from the original Jamestown. These buildings are filled with authentic antiques and artifacts that showcase early life on the North Dakota prairie. The village includes Louis L’Amour’s writing shack, a Northern Pacific Railroad Depot from 1880, stagecoach and pony rides, and a Wild West Shoot-Out show.

The downtown area includes plenty of shopping and dining options. Many shops offer handcrafted local treasures so that you can take a piece of North Dakota’s prairie with you. Be sure to grab a bite at Depot Cafe, Frontier Fort Bar & Grill, or Spiritwood Resort, among other restaurants.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Destinations in the US


There’s no better way to show someone how much you love them than by taking them on a romantic getaway. However, you don’t have to travel far and wide to find that perfect Valentine’s Day destination. These three places throughout the U.S. offer the luxury, romance, and excitement you’re seeking to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

Aspen — Colorado 

If you want to go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day, head to the snow-covered mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Aspen offers an ideal setting for romance, with high-end spas and resorts (there are plenty of budget-friendly accommodations too) located just seconds from some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding. If you both love a dose of adventure with your romance, Aspen offers the perfect combination of challenging terrain and apres-ski fun.

Napa Valley — California

Are you and your significant other wine lovers? If so, there’s no better place to be this Valentine’s Day than in California’s famed Napa Valley. However, you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the area’s luxurious spas, resorts, hot-air balloon tours and other romantic endeavors that will create a perfectly indulgent winter getaway.

Charleston — South Carolina

Charleston’s horse-drawn carriages, historic architecture, bustling shopping streets, rooftop bars and world-renowned restaurants provide everything you need to enjoy a fun-filled getaway with your loved one. The historic downtown area is also just minutes away from some of South Carolina’s most pristine beaches, so you can turn your escape to the city into a beach vacation too. Consider staying at one of Charleston’s many famous bed and breakfasts, where you can get a true taste of southern hospitality and learn some insider tips about the city.

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Best RV Destinations in South Dakota


South Dakota has a number of great sites to visit regardless of the season. If you’re RVing in the Dakotas this winter or spring, don’t forget to dip down into South Dakota and check out some of the best destinations the state has to offer.

Badlands and Black Hills

A quintessential American landscape, Black Hills area is noted for its beautiful spires climbing impossibly high into the sky, and its gorgeous gorges, setting the mood of an old western and bringing you back to the days before any white person set foot on South Dakotan land.

The area is loaded with incredible sights, including waterfalls and wildlife. Home to six national parks and historical areas like Deadwood and Wounded Knee, Badlands National Park houses the immense memorial-in-progress for Crazy Horse.

The lakes here are wonderful whether you like to boat, fish, or just park by the water and have a few drinks while watching the sun set over the trees. You’ll want to bring your camera, as there will be plenty of things you’re going to want to see again and again.

The nature trails here are enough to keep you busy for years on end if you ever want to take a serious trek. If not, there are plenty of short trails that will take you along some beautiful scenery for your lunch break.

Whether you’re an American history buff, a lover of nature, or just an RVer looking for an inexpensive way to spend the winter, spring, or summer, the Black Hills area is perhaps the best you’re going to find in South Dakota when it comes to combining fresh air, mountain living and old western appeal.

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Top Snowbird Locations Across America


If it’s getting too cold for you up north this winter and you’ve had enough, it’s time to set your sights on a snowbird destination to ride out the colder months in comfort. But setting your sights on the southern states every winter doesn’t mean you always have to travel to the same destinations. These top three snowbird destinations are ones you may want to consider instead of your go-to spot this year.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Many snowbirds already know Arizona is an ideal place to keep warm and watch the winter pass with sunny skies. It’s also a great place for travelers who like to stay healthy and active year-round. Scottsdale is a hotspot for golfers, cyclers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The area’s slightly older population may also appeal to more mellow snowbird travelers.

Austin, Texas

Being a snowbird doesn’t mean you have to travel to a slow-paced destination for retirees. Austin is a place where culture and the outdoors collide. Snowbirds can kayak, mountain bike or hike in the day and turn to the city for world-renowned eateries and live music at night. Austin is a city that will make the cooler months of the year fly by with excitement.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Many snowbirds assume Florida is the place to be on the East Coast in winter, but Georgia offers mellower crowds, ideal weather and picturesque coastal scenery. Head to Jekyll Island this year for peaceful beaches, picturesque marshland, adorable towns, fresh seafood and southern hospitality that will make you never want to leave. This charming Georgian island is the laid-back alternative to the traffic jams and tourists crowds of Florida’s top snowbird spots.

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Fall Foliage Spots in North Dakota


There’s nothing quite like experiencing the beauty of fall foliage with a scenic drive. Weaving in and around highways, byways, and parks alive with a canopy of colors is one of the biggest draws for travelers.

When you’re ready to take your recreational vehicle on the road for a fall foliage adventure, stop by Capital RV Center for a service call or to pick up an accessory or two for your scenic excursion. We have two locations, one in Bismarck and one in Minot, with complete parts and accessories departments. Once you’re ready to roll, consider these scenic destinations that are sure to please fall aficionados.

Bismarck-Mandan – enjoy the array of colors along hillsides and bottom lands bordering the Missouri River.

Fort Ransom State Park – located 2 miles from Fort Ransom, you’ll travel the Sheyenne River National Scenic Byway lined with the colors of autumn.

Lake Metigoshe – near Bottineau, you’ll be in the heart of the Turtle Mountains and the spectacular views along the U.S.-Canadian border.

Turtle Mountains/International Peace Garden – while in the Lake Metigoshe area, you won’t want to miss one of the most colorful areas during the fall season.

Turtle River State Park – a beautiful park vibrant with fall colors highlighted by bubbling waterfalls.

Pembina Gorge – fall colors abound in this deep tree-covered gorge.

Devils Lake – like Pembina Gorge, the large expanse of open land dotted with trees is a rainbow of color.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park – located in Mandan, the park was the home of the 7th Cavalry. While visiting, you’ll see vistas of tree-lined hills ablaze with color.

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Medora, ND: Tiny Town, Big Heart


Sometimes the most memorable destinations are the smallest blips on your map. Medora, North Dakota, is one such case. It may not seem like much based on metrics alone: 100 something residents strong in one of the state’s most remote regions (in a state that most would already describe as remote in itself). But Medora has got a lot going on in it’s little pocket of North Dakota. So much is going on in Medora, in fact, that it’s actually one of the state’s top draws for tourists from all around the world. Just what is it about Medora that people seem to find so fascinating? Here’s why you should go check it out in your RV.

Founded in 1883 on the edge of what would come to be known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora packs a potent fusion of natural beauty and Old West charm.

Maltese Cross Cabin, Teddy Roosevelt’s home away from home.

Within the town itself, enjoy the quaint charm as you visit shops and restaurants along the main drag. There’s the Cowboy Hall of Fame to visit, which is home to dozens of informative exhibits that any Wild West lover will adore.

After you’re done exploring the town, head into the adjoining national park. If you’re fortunate, you’ll spot a herd of roaming bison as you enjoy the park’s natural splendor.

Back in town, don’t forget to catch a show at the outdoor theater, Medora Musical, which has the badlands serve as a natural backdrop to the action on stage. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of musical production, so don’t miss out.

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North Dakota’s Natural Oasis

While North Dakota’s terrain is by no means typical, it’s definitely got common elements that you can expect to see across the state. There’s a slice of North Dakota, however, that breaks the norm completely, a hidden oasis with a climate and foliage that are quite unlike anything else you’ll experience in the state.

Tucked within Icelandic State Park (near Cavalier), there’s a section named Gunlogson State Nature Preserve. Gunlogson is a marvel, its forests home to many native and rare plants and animal species. It’s a link to earlier climate conditions, a sort of time capsule that presents what some of the earliest settlers in North Dakota might have encountered. The climate is cool and humid, a condition that used to be more common before settling reduced this type of habitat.

Some of the rare species you can encounter include the piliated woodpecker, the western wood-pewee, the mourning warbler, and the finescale dace. Rare plants in the park are ladyfern, water arum, delicate sedge, small enchanter’s nightshade, showy lady’s slipper, bishop’s cap, and crested woodfern.

The park is a great place to explore, with many hiking trails that allow you to bird watch, view wildflowers, and keep an eye out for larger animals.

The Tongue River winds through the preserve, creating ponds and creeks along its course.

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Fall in Love with Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who founded our modern national park system, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the badlands of North Dakota.

Teddy Roosevelt had an intimate relationship with the land that would one day bear his name. He came to the Dakota Territory in 1883 when he was a skinny young man and left a little older and a lot tougher. His adventures in the rugged landscape of North Dakota forever altered his life and, ultimately, the course of the nation.

The park offers visitors scenic drives, over 100 miles of foot and horse trails, wildlife viewing, and opportunities for back country hiking and camping. There are three developed campgrounds for use: Juniper Campground, Cottonwood Campground, and the Roundup Group Horse Campground.

Wildlife viewing is especially popular, as the park is home to many native species, including bison, coyotes, cougars, feral horses, badgers, elk, bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, mule deer, prairie dogs, golden eagles, sharp-tailed grouse, and wild turkeys.

The park also preserves the history and artifacts of Roosevelt’s time there, including the cabin he lived in and the lands his ranch occupied.

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Visit the Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center


When you’re out in your RV this summer, you’ll likely pursue dozens of fun recreational sites, like parks, towns, and other attractions. But what if you just want to relax and refresh yourself? North Dakota has a unique destination in store for you: the Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center in Bismarck, North Dakota. Bismarck is also the home of Capital RV Center, so don’t forget to stop in and see us as well!

Renowned for its therapeutic properties, this style of spa is quickly gaining in popularity. The one in Bismarck may look like any old building from the outside, but inside is a whole other story. There’s a literal salt cave inside, a place to relax and rejuvenate. The cave is formed from pink Himalayan salt crystals that covers the entire space.

Spending just 45 minutes in one of the zero gravity chairs inside is the equivalent of spending 3 days sitting on the beach at seaside.

Salt therapy, otherwise known as halotherapy, is thought to be beneficial to anybody, from those with chronic allergies and asthma to those who simply wish to unwind and relieve stress. Yoga classes are also offered inside, adding more benefits than a standard yoga class.

You can even purchase items for your RV to take with you on the road so that you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy anywhere you go!

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The Top 3 Spots for Summer Fishing in North Dakota


Summer is here, and it’s time to bring your fishing pole out of storage. North Dakota’s rivers and lakes are some of the best in the country for catching walleye, northern pike, salmon, trout, catfish and countless other freshwater fish in the summer months. The following are just three of North Dakota’s many unbeatable fishing destinations.

The Upper Missouri River

You can find the Upper Missouri River west of the city of Williston in Williams County. This stretch of the free-flowing river is one of the best places to catch paddlefish in spring and early summer months. As the season pushes toward fall, anglers can reel in sauger, a close relative walleye, from the river’s scenic shores.

Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake is North Dakota’s largest natural body of water, and it has been drastically growing in size since the early 1990s. Fish at this freshwater oasis, and you’re likely to catch walleye, northern pike, crappie and white bass. Devil’s Lake isn’t just an excellent place to drop a line in the water in summer — winters offer ideal ice fishing conditions here.

Lake Metigoshe

Head to the breathtaking scenery of the Turtle Mountains along the U.S.-Canada border, and you’ll find Lake Metigoshe. This is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the state, with numerous smaller bodies of water nearby. Fish from the shore or launch your boat to spend some time among stunning natural scenery and plenty of pike, bluegills and walleye.

Find Your Dream Fishing Retreat

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